• The MMA Review “Babe Of The Month” for November 2012: Megan Cash

  • It is a new month and I can now  introduce you to The MMA Review November “Babe Of The Month”! I’m happy to tell you that ring girl Megan Cash is our November babe! Enjoy!

    Jay Cee: ”Hi Megan, I am really glad to have you here on themmareview.co.uk as our November “Babe Of The Month”! Tell me how it feels to be an MMA Review Babe?”

    Megan: ”I was super excited that y’all picked me!”

    Jay Cee: ”I know you have worked at a few MMA and Boxing events as a ring-girl. Tell me a bit about some of the promotions you have worked for in the past?”

    Megan: ”My last MMA event was Battle Arena on the 18th of August, and coming up on the 3rd of November is a BCMMA fight in Felixstowe”

    Jay Cee: ”How did you first get into being a ring-girl? and what is your favorite thing about the job?”

    Megan: ”Actually, one of the male models that I worked with about a year ago is an MMA fighter, and he recommended me! I would have to say my favorite thing about the job are the outfits.”

    Jay Cee: ”It must be quite exciting to meet new people all the time including the fans and fighters. Do you have any funny stories or a memorable moment from an event that you can share with us?”

    Megan: ”It is very exciting meeting all the fans! I would have to say the most memorable moment was when I was sitting by one of the fans after walking a fighter on, he was a veteran who had lost his legs in the war, and we all got to take a picture with him after the show! It made my day seeing him out and about and telling his story!”

    Jay Cee: ”Outside of being a ring-girl are you an actual fan of MMA? If so, who is your favorite fighter?”

    Megan: ”Yes! I would have to say my favorite fighter is Chael Sonnen!”

    Jay Cee: ”I know you work with the Modelling Network, tell me about your relationship with them and what you have planned for the future? I hear you will be getting into presenting soon?”

    Megan: ”More shoots planned for the future! Yes I will be getting into presenting, I am very excited to start!”

    Jay Cee: ”Tell me a bit about what else you do outside of being a ring girl Megan? I have seen some nice modelling pictures of you, is modelling something you do full time or just something on the side?”

    Megan: ”Thanks! Outside of being a ring girl and model, I am part of the military police in the United States Air Force.”

    Jay Cee: ”Have you got any interesting shoots or events coming up that we should know about?”

    Megan: ”I have a lingerie shoot this Friday, a vintage shoot Saturday, and a creative shoot the week following!”


    Jay Cee: ”What would you say is your best asset body-wise?”

    Megan: ”My booty! I think I get it from my Spanish side!”

    Jay Cee: ”Last Question…Describe yourself in three words?”

    Megan: ”Out going, fun, and daring!”

    Jay Cee: ”Great, well that about wraps it up Megan. Thanks again for taking some time out to be our November “Babe Of The Month” and good luck for the future!”


    Thanks again to Megan Cash for being out November babe! We appreciate the time.

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    Cheers guys,

    Jay Cee – The MMA Review

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