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  • Holly Holm and UFC apparently on separate pages

  • It’s amazing how much difference a couple of days can make in the headlines. Just a few short days ago MMA fans were excited about the prospect of having a new contender to Ronda Rousey’s dominant... More
  • Product Review: Bad Boy Rapid Loss Supplement

  • Most of us, whether athletes or not, have at some point wanted to lose weight and get into shape. However, sometimes the demands of everyday life stop us from committing as much as we would like to. L... More

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  • The team over at recently sent me some samples of the new CarbGel energy supplement to review. The product has been designed to supply energy for exercise and promote recovery ... More

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  • When beginning the search for a new MMA t-shirt to add to your closet it’s easy to get bogged down by the amount of choice available from various online retailers around the world. Many of us ha... More


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Product Review: Radius Hand Wraps

The team over at Radius Wraps recently sent us a pair of Radius Hand Wraps to review. The product has been designed to tackle a common problem found with traditional wraps, where athletes can sometimes damage their hands because the force of impact whilst punching is transmitted through their knuckles. This is considered by many to be a design weakness that can expose fighters and athletes to the risk of injury. The whole point of hand wrapping is to protect your hands from the stress of repeated blows over an extended period of time whilst fighting, training and sparring. While traditional wraps do provide protection, Radius Wraps aim to enhance the amount of protection given to your hands by incorporating their removable Radius Roll, which is made from cross-linked closed cell rebound... More